This is My Story

I guess this part is where I let you know a little bit of my story…

“Scribbled to Paper”

By the time I started “The Fragrance Writer” in 2020, I had already been blogging about poetry for a few years (since 2017). I was inspired by my mother, who decided that, in her retirement, she would try something new – write and publish a book! I thought, if she was brave enough to try that, I should try something, too!

I knew I also had a skill of writing that was just lying dormant inside of me. It was time to bring it out, blow off the dust and start to develop it – to not waste it. So I started a poetry blog. My first one was called “Scribbled to Paper.” A year later, I started a new one, “The Poetry About Us,” which was a more refined version as I started learning the ropes a little bit. That blog eventually changed to “Writing with Strangers,” where I started focusing on the community aspect on blogging and collaborating with other writers.

Another Passion

But I had another passion in my life: Fragrances. This began as a mere nerdy past-time. I was trying to find, one day, online advice of which fragrances were better than another (I know, a pretty subjective idea). I soon discovered there was a whole online community where people rate fragrances, tell the stories about them and list all the notes and details of each. As an accountant, I fell in love with the idea of creating systems of classifications and organizations and ratings for different scents. Even more than that, I loved trying them and experiencing, not just how each one made me smell, but also how each one made me feel.

I now became a “frag-head. . .” Someone addicted to fragrances. I began building my fragrance collection. I started following all of the popular reviewers on YouTube. Then, I too became one of those guys that went on online communities and starts leaving reviews for every fragrance they smelled.

“The Fragrance Writer”

Enter: Mandy Aftel. I didn’t know Mandy. I never heard of her. I didn’t know she had her own fragrance company, “Aftelier.” I was simply online one day looking for a Fragrance book I could read. I found a popular one called “Fragrant” [by Mandy Aftel]. It had good reviews and sounded like something I would like. So I clicked “Buy.”

Little did I know, this book would totally changed how I approached fragrances. The book as a whole is amazing. But there is one section in particular where Mandy starts explaining different ways to smell and discover of a fragrance. I started trying it out and implementing it into my online reviews. And my reviews went to a “whole nother level.” These new ons I was writing were different. They were deeper… they were more vivd…. and they were poetic.

It only took me a day or two to realize the obvious: It was time to combine my two passions… Poetry and Fragrance. I realized I could actually write my fragrance reviews as poetry on my blog. And I found people loved it! I mean, who doesn’t love a good fragrance in their life?

True and Original… and Pure

My blog is truly something special. It is so original that I never saw anyone else doing this – reviewing a fragrance through poetry. The internet is flooded with the same-ole fragrance reviews. I think people are getting tired of it. I provide them with someone fresh and tasty – an art form. Like me, it’s something they probably never saw before. But it’s more than that. It’s not just fragrance reviews.

My blog started as a poetry blog, and it still is, first and foremost, a poetry blog. I’m not a fragrance reviewer – I’m an artist. And I keep my blog artistically pure. I think that’s one thing that makes my posts so attractive. I’m not just writing a review for the sake of writing a review.

Each of my fragrance posts can stand on their own merit as poetry – even if you removed any mention of the fragrance from it. I keep it that way on purpose. I want to keep the poetic and artistic purity of the blog. I also continue to write non-fragrance related poetry. So when you come here, you know you’re not just reading a gimmick; you’re not just reading another fragrance review. You’re reading pure poetry – from my heart.

P.S… I may no longer own the rights to “Scribbled to Paper…” “The Poetry About Us…” or “Writing with Strangers” by the time you read this.

Β©, 2020, except where noted otherwise. All rights reserved.

34 thoughts on “This is My Story”

  1. I have been meaning to understand more about your blog name and style of poetry, and today finally got around to visiting your site to read your story. So amazing and impressive. I will continue to enjoy your poetry now with this added knowledge of how it comes from your fragrance expertise and inspiration.

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  2. Thanks Anisha! Comments like this make my day! Also, I was considering taking this page down, but I guess you convinced me to keep it up B-)

    Fragrances can have all sorts of different affects on different people and can also be very therapeutic! Anyways, they just make like more enjoyable B-)


  3. I was wondering how you got inspired to write about fragrances, and got here. Totally enjoyed your story!

    I have always felt smell as a thing of the heart, but have never known or even heard that there are different ways to smell. I believe I’ll get to read more about fragrances as and when I’m free. This inspired me.

    You’ve a great blog, Jay. In most of your poetry I’ve read in the last few months, I might have missed the element of fragrance but noticed other deep layers. Just realised it’s your planned creative style. Kudos to you! Have a great time.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Haha thanks Sa. Ya I wanted to do something different. People are board of the normal reviews now. At the same time my.posts are attracting the poetry community. So maybe I can introduce everyone to fragrances they never heard of before 😎


  5. It’s so great to finally read the story behind this evolution of your blog! I’m so happy you blended your passions into a unique venture of the soul. I love reading all of these poetic fragrance reviews too because like you said I, as a consumer, was tired of the generic reviews such as “Amazing”. πŸ™‚

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  6. Wow really amazing stuff you’ve written. Now I know why you are so passionate about fragrance. There’s another way of looking at things who would have thought. Your story is really inspiring😊

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  7. Thanks Joanne! Finding this niche has breathed new life into my writing. Combining these two unrelated elements just compounds the ability for creativity. I think that’s why it has become so refreshing to me. So many depths to draw from. . .

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  8. I read recently that creativity is the ability to combine 2 unrelated elements. I am paraphrasing of course and perhaps not getting the true nuance of the definition, but you clearly have it here by any interpretation.

    I’m intrigued and want more.

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  9. Thanks, I’m glad you found it! I just read yours, and I love your mantras about going out in nature, finding peace there walking with God. Glad we get to share each others bogs with each other!

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